Dimitri Angelini
Dimitri Angelini

Dimitri Angelini was born in Orbetello in 1983.
After high school he spent some years in Florence studying Musicology at D.A.M.S. (Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo). A self-taught photographer, he also attended a course of photography at the F.I.A.F., “FotoClub Firenze”. While in Florence he worked as a sports photographer at Marco Villanti’s studio. In 2007, he moved to Rome, where he worked as assistant photographer at Marco Delogu’s studio, with which he still collaborates. Specializing in reportage photography, in 2006 he traveled to Cuba for a reportage on streetlife, which was later exhibited at the cultural club “Cabiria” in Florence. In 2007, he flew to Germany to cover the G8 in Rostock. In the same year he started a collaboration with the cultural club “Il Frantoio” in Capalbio as assistant curator and was also the official photographer of events and activities at the club. In 2008, he did a reportage on sheep-breeding in the area of Tuscia (in Lazio), published by “Punctum”. In 2009 the PhC (photography festival in Capalbio) commissioned him the photographic documentation of the recent motorway project: A-12, and the photos were shown in the group exhibition “Just around the corner” alongside works by important international names such as Don McCullin, Guy Tilliim, Graciela Iturbide and Marco Delogu. In the same year, together with other photographers, he founded a photography firm—the Nove Photography-Atelier di Sperimentazione Fotografica—which later took part in the group exhibition “Roma-Capalbio”, featuring artists such as Tim Davis and Matthew Monteith. At the end of 2009, he worked as a set photographer for the movie “Fratelli d’Armi” directed by Gerard Diefenthal. During the spring of 2010 he took part in the PhC with a reportage on old metalliferous sites near Gavorrano and supervised a section of the festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Commune of Capalbio and the photographic memory of the town. These photos were exhibited alongside works by great photographers such as David Spero, Marco Delogu e Juan Fabuel. In the same period he started collaborating with important artists such as Thomas Lange, Mutsuo Hirano and Bruno Ceccobelli, who asked him to take photographs of their works. For the 2010 season at the cultural club “Il Frantoio” he curated and photographed important exhibitions featuring international artists such as Jannis Kounellis, Paladino, Ceccobelli, Tirelli, Lange, Cucchi. In March 2011 participated in a workshop held by Guy Tillim, the photographs were shown during the festival of photography in Capalbio. His photographs have been published in national and international magazines, newspapers and catalogs. He is currently working on projects in evolving, in Italy and Germany.




2017- Urban Vision Festival, Acquapendente

2017-Weltanschauung-A Contemporary Grand Tour View,PhC Capalbiofotografia curated by Dimitri Angelini

2016-Arte & Vino, Capalbio

2016- Mediterraneo, il mare tra le terre, PhC Capalbiofotografia curated by Dimitri Angelini

2015- TU35 Grosseto
Primavera, estate, autunno, inverno… E ancora primavera Storie da un territorio, 

Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato

2015This is your Land, PhC Capalbiofotografia, Capalbio

2013- Fuori!, Fondazione Grosseto Cultura, Grosseto

2013- Photography or Painting?, PhC Capalbiofotografia, Capalbio

2011- Personal Geography, PhC Capalbiofotografia, Capalbio

2010- Colline Metallifere, PhC Capalbiofotografia, Capalbio

2010- Capalbio come era, curatorial project for PhC Capalbiofotografia, Capalbio

2009- Higway A-12_Autostrada Tirrenica, PhC Capalbiofotografia, Capalbio

2009- Roma_Capalbio, PhC Capalbiofotografia, Capalbio

2008- Pastori. Una indagine nel territorio laziale, Villa Glori Project Room, Roma

2007- Cuba: street life point of view, Ass.Cult.”Cabiria”, Firenze